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One-on-one hockey lessons are an excellent way to improve and fine tune existing skills, learn new skills, and address deficiencies in a hockey player's game. Instructors can focus on individual skills such as, shooting, puck handling, or edge work, and identify other specific areas for improvement. Instructors are able to quickly establish a rapport with the player, creating a great environment for learning and developing confidence on the ice.

All instructors are independent contractors who use Twin Oaks Ice Rink to teach private lessons. Instructors set their own fees and maintain their own schedules. In addition to the instructor’s fee, there is a minimal ice fee to Twin Oaks Ice Rink. Small group sessions are also available.

Private lesson procedure: Please sign in upon arrival to Twin Oaks Ice Rink. After your lesson, pay the instructor his or her agreed upon fee.

There are three ways to schedule a private lesson:

  1. Click here for an online request form.
  2. Click here to download a printable form to return by mail or fax.
  3. Contact one of our instructors directly, either by visiting the rink to observe them in a lesson or by using their contact information below.
Instructors Phone E-mail
Randy Velischek (973) 865-5016 rvelischek@twinoaksicerink.com
Don Marino (973) 879-2277 dmarino@twinoaksicerink.com
Jerry Dea (goalie and skater) (603) 998-7036
Kevin Kamenski (908) 797-4788 kfkamenski@gmail.com
Ken Lilien (973) 879-6640 kenlilien@verizon.net
John Lucek (862) 324-2507 johnlucek@yahoo.com
Brandon Marino (973) 647-7754 brandon.marino09@gmail.com
Noel Rubin (973) 222-2383 nrubin3189@aol.com
Alex Velischek (973) 900-0389 avelischek@gmail.com

For the Instructors’ bios, click Coaches or click name above.